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Bhutanese Association of California (“BTACA”) Charter

Our mission is to celebrate and promote our distinct Bhutanese culture within the global community of California, to improve the livelihood of Bhutanese, strengthen relationships with local community members, and give back to Bhutan.


  1. To create a home away from home for the Bhutanese in California
  2. To strengthen relationship between us and the local/ regional communities
  3. To render assistance to the registered members in times of need
  4. To generate ideas for business, better employment, further education, and other support network to improve livelihood of Bhutanese
  5. To become a united force to be able to give back to Bhutan in myriad of ways


  1. To establish the Association
  2. To enroll 100% of Californian Bhutanese and extended families into active membership
  3. To explore various means to generate funding
  4. To become a registered not for profit organization
  5. To have fun and keep our culture and tradition alive among us and more importantly our children


  1. Membership shall be extended to all Bhutanese and extended family
  2. The membership shall be effective from the date of registration until written termination
  3. Registered members should pay subscription of $XX/ month which will be collected every quarter (i.e. 3 months) and failing which may result in automatic cancellation of membership and shall not be eligible for any future benefits
  4. Members have to designate their beneficiaries (up to two names)
  5. Members have to designate their next of kin that will receive the benefit in case anything should happen to a member


The components of association are:

  1. The General Body (All registered members)
  2. The Executive Committee (Elected /Nominated members)
  3. Friends of Bhutan (Donors, Sponsors, Supporters, Volunteers, Advisors, and etc.)

General Body Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for upholding the reputation and objectives of the Association
  • Ultimate decision making body of the Association (via majority of votes)
  • To Elect/ Nominate Committee members
  • Should meet every half yearly (September and March)
  • Fix the terms of committee members (1 year)
  • Reserves the right of Admission and Expulsion of members
  • Decide changes in membership fees or other fund generating activities

Executive Committee Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for upholding the reputation and objectives of the Association
  • Responsible for working to achieve the goals set by the Association
  • Accountable for the fund management of Association
  • Should meet four times a year (March, June, September, December)
  • Committee consist of 5-7 members with roles defined below
  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. General Secretary – LA
  4. General Secretary – SB
  5. IT Director
  6. Treasurer
  7. Social Chair (TBD)

Friends of BTACA:

  • Donors and Sponsors
  • Friends of Bhutan that provide continued support to the Association
  • Will not be expected to pay membership fees
  • Will not be receiving any of the financial benefits programmed for members only
  • Will be invited to all the Association events
  • Will be invited to provide suggestions for Association growth and well being



  • Preside over meetings
  • Authorize payments
  • Sign documents/correspondences on Association’s behalf
  • Represent the Association at events
  • Coordinate and hold meetings with potential sponsors

Vice President:

  • Sit in for President during his/her absence
  • Coordinate and organize fund raising proposal activities
  • Organize welfare activities
  • Call emergency meetings

General Secretary:

  • Schedule meetings and put together agendas
  • Record meeting minutes
  • Check Association financial accounts quarterly with Treasurer
  • Maintain member records


  • Maintain account and operate account under the Associations name
  • Collect membership fees and donations
  • Prepare accounts for yearly audit purpose and assist General Secretary in financial matters
  • Prepare payment checks as required
  • Other financial activities

IT Director

  • Maintain website for the Association
  • Database Administrator (maintain members listing and funding details)
  • Promote Association’s positive presence on social media
  • Support other IT needs of Association

All Members

  • Members are required to attend the bi-annual meetings
  • Members are responsible for contributing to agenda topics prior to meetings to the General Secretaries
  • Members are required to vote on all key decisions, rules, and terms of the Association
  • Members to pay dues on time (first of every month starting June 1, 2017)
  • Members are to provide voluntary services when needed
  • Members are expected to participate and provide assistance during Association events (cultural, fund raising, or other events)


Eligibility: Members should nominate two names for death benefit allowance.


  • Death of a member: The association shall pay US$ XXXX to the named beneficiary as nominated by the member (designated next of kin)
  • Death of nominated family member: The association shall pay US$ XXXX
  • Medical Treatments of Member: Any medical case may have to be decided by the President and working committee members, up to an amount of US$XXX
  • Any change in the nomination of the beneficiaries must be informed in writing to the General Secretary for amendment.
  • Education: will be determined upon extra fund acquisition success


Source of Income:

  • Monthly subscription of US$ XX per member
  • Fund raising events
  • Direct donations, contributions, etc.


In case of minimal active members, lack of funding, or other unexpected severe events, the Association will be dissolved by majority of votes and remaining funds will be equally disbursed back to the members after accounting for the operational costs.